Bulletin – The Festival of the Reformation, October 28, 2018

FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCHThis Weeks Events  (October 29 – November 4, 2018)

 Monday:       4:30-5:45 p.m.      Confirmation Instruction

Tuesday:               7:00 p.m.      FLCA Board of Directors

Wednesday:          8:30 a.m.      Chapel Service (at FLCA)

Thursday – Friday:                   Pastor Bugbee attending LCC/LCMS/NALC Consultations in Sarasota, Florida

Next Sunday:                           All Saints’ Sunday

8:45 a.m.      German Worship

9:45 a.m.      Adult Bible Class

11:00 a.m.      English Worship/Holy Communion

IN JESUS’ NAME, WELCOME!  We are happy for all who have joined us for worship this day, guests and members alike.  If you’re a visitor, please let one of the ushers know if you need something during your time with us.  We’d love to have you sign our guestbook in the vestibule after service.  If you have no church home in the area, come again soon!

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY (October 21):  German Service, 30; English Service, 105; TOTAL, 135; Adult Bible Class:  43.

TODAY’S USHERS:  Rob Bierer, Dan Keech, James Krestick, Jordan Sands

NEXT SUNDAY’S USHERS:  Jeff Laszewski, Cuthbert Owenya, Todd Sands, Paul Taylor

TODAY’S ACOLYTES:  Grace Johnson, Ashley Verdonck

NEXT SUNDAY’S ACOLYTES:  Abigail McLeod, Kelly Owenya


ABOUT THIS DAY:  Today we commemorate October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther posted his famous 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.  The document invited scholars to discuss and debate the church’s practice of selling indulgences, the little certificates that claimed to cover the punishments of human sin … for a price.  Luther did not dream where his action would lead, but it paved the way for Gospel and Scripture to be uncovered and proclaimed again to God’s people.  Red, reminding us of the Holy Spirit’s flame and fire to spread the Good News, adorns our church on this festival day … the Sunday nearest to the 31st.

RECEPTION OF NEW MEMBERS:  Nicolle Moxon is being received today by the Rite of (Adult) Confirmation, while Bill and Julie Dodd have come by transfer from Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Windsor.  God make us a blessing to these new members of our church family, just as their presence is a blessing to us!

THOSE WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE from our church family will be publicly commemorated on All Saints’ Sunday, next Sunday, November 4, at both services.  We will read the full roster of names since last year’s All Saints’ festival and join in special prayers and singing.  Make a point of being here to join us!

ASLEEP IN CHRIST:  The Rev. Art Schiemann (1941-2018), longtime pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Windsor, died in the Lord Monday, October 22.  His funeral was conducted this past Friday at Peace by Pastor James Leistico.  God give His divine comfort to Carol and all their sorrowing loved ones.

SET YOUR BLOCKS BACK one hour when you go to bed next Saturday night!  All services and classes next Sunday, November 4, will move to Eastern Standard time, since daylight time now ends.  You’ll get an extra hour of sleep!  All the more reason to be here, rested and ready to study and worship!

SYNOD’S NEW STRUCTURE takes effect January 1, as the longtime separately incorporated “Districts” give way to direct supervision and support from the national Lutheran Church—Canada (LCC) office in Winnipeg.  The East District is replaced by a new “East Region,” which requires no separate Board of Directors, conventions, etc.  The new “Regional Pastor” (succeeding the former “District Presidents”) is Pastor Marvin Bublitz of Monkton, ON.  James Krestick from our congregation has also been elected to serve on the new “Regional Mission and Ministry Council” (RMMC), which will monitor the needs and possibilities for our churches and their development in our part of Canada.

INVITATION FROM GETHSEMANE:  Our friends at Gethsemane Lutheran Church invite you to a Fellowship Supper, set for Saturday, November 10, from 4-7 p.m.  The buffet includes chicken, penne, salad, rolls and butter, pies and beverages.  Tickets are $15 (adults); $10 (youth ages 8-15); $5 (children 7 and under); with age 2 and under eating free.  Call Ann (519-978-2479) for reservations!  The dinner will be at their church, 1921 Cabana Road West.

LUTHERAN HOUR:  “Stranger Than Fiction” (Romans 3:  19-28) – God is the Author Who becomes part of the story – our story.  The Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler presents his first message as Lutheran Hour speaker. Listen to today’s Lutheran Hour on Sunday morning at 560AM (WRDT) at noon.  Streaming audio and pod-casts at www.lutheranhour.ca.