Bulletin – The First Sunday after Trinity, June 23, 2019

PARISH CALENDAR FOR JUNE 24 – 30, To Serve Christ and His People This Week

Tuesday:                7:00 p.m.      Church Council

Wednesday:           1:30 p.m.      Bible Study (meeting room at Hofburg, 5064 Wyandotte St. East)

7:00 p.m.      Anniversary Committee

Thursday:               6:30 p.m.      Young Adults (at Evan & Grace’s house)

Next Sunday:          8:45 a.m.      German Worship

9:45 a.m.      Continental Breakfast (No Bible Class, No Sunday School)

11:00 a.m.      English Worship

WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE!  We welcome especially those who join us today as guests and visitors to our church.  We exist as a family of believers gathered around the promises of Jesus Christ.  Your presence encourages us in our life with Him.  If you need anything while you are here, speak with one of our ushers.  Come again soon!


Sunday, June 16, 2019:  German Service, 38; English Service, 94; TOTAL, 132.  Adult Bible Class, 34

SIGN UP FOR PICTURES!  If you want to claim a good date and time to have your family’s picture taken for our upcoming 100th Anniversary Pictorial Directory, there are sign-up sheets on the bulletin board outside Pastor Bugbee’s office.  These initial appointments are coming August 19-22.

PORTALS OF PRAYER booklets (July to September) are available at the back of the church and in the church hallway.  Please help yourself to this wonderful daily devotional book.

FINAL SESSIONS BEFORE SUMMER BREAK happen today at 9:45 a.m. for our Sunday School and Adult Bible Class.  We thank God for all the seeds that were planted through the sounding of His Word through these classes since last fall.  We’ll be back right after Labour Day!

EAST WINDSOR BIBLE STUDY meets again this Wednesday, June 26, 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the “Hofburg,” 5064 Wyandotte Street East.  This continues every second Wednesday afterward, all summer long.  There was a good group—14 in all—in attendance at the last session.  Pastor Torgerson leads this study of St. Mark’s Gospel, a great “right to the point” introduction to the life and ministry of Jesus.

VOTERS MEET TODAY right after the English service in the auditorium.  We’ll try to move into our business by 12:15 p.m. or so.  We are trying this as an experiment to save voters a trip back to church for an evening meeting.  The business of our church family does deserve your attention, and we hope you’ll give us this gift of your time and attention.

YOUNG ADULT STUDY AND DISCUSSION meets again with Pastor Bugbee this Thursday, June 27, at 6:30 p.m.  Group members Grace and Evan Johnson are hosting this at their family’s home.  Bring a little money to “chip in” for the dinner we’ll order in.  We’re continuing the meeting topic from last time, our introduction to “Christian Apologetics,” how to respond to critics of the Christian faith and to answer questions non-Christians may ask.

“FIFTH SUNDAY” BRUNCH IS NEXT WEEK on Sunday, June 30, running between the 8:45 and 11:00 a.m. Services in the auditorium.  You can help by signing up to bring a food-course to share … the sheet is on the bulletin board outside Pastor Bugbee’s office.  This worked so well last time we tried it.  Join us then for breakfast next Sunday!

SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE begins in two weeks on Sunday, July 7, and will run through until Labour Day weekend.  Since Sunday School and Adult Bible Class are on break, the English service will begin one hour earlier.  The schedule is:

8:45 a.m.           German Service (communion on 2nd and 4th Sundays each month)

10:00 a.m.          English Service (communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays each month)

PASTOR MATT FENN’S INSTALLATION in his first parish is set for Sunday, July 14, at 4:00 p.m. in St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 115 Cambria Street, Stratford.  Our Windsor church members are welcome to attend.

WE SHARE THE AIR:  Scented products have chemicals that may trigger serious health reactions in people with asthma, migraines, allergies or chemical sensitivities.  To minimize the impact to our members, friends and visitors, we respectfully ask that all of us either avoid or reduce the use of scented products when attending or visiting our church.  We thank you for your understanding and help.

–First Lutheran Board of Elders

LUTHERAN HOUR:  “What Does God Love and Hate” (Exodus 20:  5-6) – God’s Values – Ten Commandments.  Hear this inspirational message by Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler on the Lutheran Hour, Sundays at 560AM (WRDT) at noon.  Streaming audio and pod-casts at www.lutheranhour.ca.