Bulletin – The Third Last Sunday in the Church Year, November 11, 2018

FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCHThis Weeks Events  (November 11 – 18, 2018)

 Today:                                      LWMLC Ladies Offering in both services

Tuesday:               7:00 p.m.      100th Anniversary Committee

Wednesday:          8:30 a.m.      Chapel Service (at FLCA)

7:00 p.m.      Trustees

Thursday:     4:30-5:45 p.m.      Confirmation Instruction

Friday:         7:00-9:00 p.m.      Senior Youth Event (at Peace)

Saturday:             9:30 a.m.      Sanctuary Cleaning Day

Next Sunday:       8:45 a.m.      German Worship

9:45 a.m.      Adult Bible Class

11:00 a.m.      English Worship/Holy Communion

WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE!  Visitors and guests with us today, your presence is a real encouragement.  God use His promises in Christ to meet your deepest needs.  If you have no other church home in our area, come see us again soon!  Meanwhile, if you need anything while you are here, speak to one of the ushers.

ATTENDANCE LAST SUNDAY (November 4):  German Service, 32; English Service, 88; TOTAL, 120; Adult Bible Class:  38.

TODAY’S USHERS:  Scott McLeod, Jordan Sands, Rob Stark

NEXT SUNDAY’S USHERS:  Jonathan Buller, Joshua Buller, Mike Gagnier, Francisco Moro

NEXT SUNDAY’S ACOLYTES:  Grace Johnson, Ashley Verdonck

100 YEARS AGO THIS DAY – November 11, 1918 – the guns fell silent and the First World War came to an end.  It’s why our country has observed this as “Remembrance Day” for generations.  We include these things in our prayers today and ask God’s blessing on our land and people also in the parting hymn this morning.

WOMEN FROM OUR CHURCH FAMILY are invited to the altar this morning in both services, to present a special annual offering to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada (LWMLC).  This goes to support mission projects worldwide, and we encourage our women to consider bringing a gift.  (A note about the former “mite boxes”:  These are not used anymore, but special offering envelopes are available at the back of the church.)

MARK DECEMBER 16 ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW:  It promises to be a big day!  On that Third Sunday in Advent at 4:00 p.m., we will install Dr. Wilhelm Torgerson as a part-time Assistant Pastor in retirement here.  Afterward we’re planning a big potluck dinner and congregational Advent celebration.  We’re eager to have everybody there … set the time aside now, December 16 at 4 p.m.!

HELP CLEAN OUR CHURCH FOR CHRISTMAS!  We’re seeking volunteers to help us this Saturday, November 17, at 9:30 a.m., so we can get God’s House to look its “spiffy best” for Advent, Pastor Torgerson’s installation, and Christmas.  Can you lend a hand?  Gloves are provided, but bring a bucket with you from home!  A good number of workers will lighten the workload for all of us!

AMHERSTBURG DINNER TO BENEFIT OUR SCHOOL:  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church invites everybody to their upcoming Turkey Dinner, set for Tuesday, November 20, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at their church, 11 Concession 3N, Amherstburg.  Take-out orders are also available!  No tickets needed, but a freewill offering will send proceeds to our First Lutheran Christian Academy.  We’re very grateful!

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT “WECLO”?  In case you’re not aware, “WECLO” is short for “Windsor/Essex County Lutheran Outreach,” an effort to reach immigrants and refugees in our area under the direction of our longtime member, Javed Khan.  WECLO stands in partnership both with our congregation and Lutheran Church-Canada’s East District.

THE CANADIAN LUTHERAN is the national magazine of Lutheran Church-Canada, and the most recent issue is being distributed on your way out of church today.  Take time to read it!

INVITATION FOR OUR YOUTH:  Peace Lutheran Church’s Youth Group has invited our youth (grades 7 to 12) to their upcoming youth event this Friday, November 16th from 7:00-9:00 p.m.  They will be having a devotion followed by nerf games (please bring along your own nerf gun if you have one).  Snacks will also be provided.  If you have any further questions, please call the Peace Lutheran Church office at 519-945-1344.  The event will take place at their church, 1985 Rossini Blvd.

LUTHERAN HOUR:  “What is Heaven?” (John 17:  1-15) – A message by Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler for The Lutheran Hour based on John 17:  1-5.  Listen to the Lutheran Hour on Sundays at 560AM (WRDT) at noon.  Streaming audio and pod-casts at www.lutheranhour.ca.