Links:  Partners, Agencies, Resources!

On this page we list the primary links to entities of our national church, as well as agencies to whom we have ties and places you can go for resources which will be helpful from a Lutheran Christian viewpoint:

First Lutheran Christian Academy ( takes you to our congregation’s school, the only full Lutheran parochial school in the province of Ontario, providing a consciously Christian education to children in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Lutheran Church—Canada ( links you to the national office and administration of our church in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This website not only includes news items and directories, but also provides rich resources to get informed on our theology and mission partners in the world.  Here you can find out, for example, where our congregations are located across Canada in case you’re traveling and seeking a good place for worship while away from home.

Book of Concord ( is the internet “home” of the Book of Concord, the collection of “confessions” of our Evangelical Lutheran Church.  These are the historic writings which explain what Lutheran Christians mean when we say, “We believe the Bible.” 

Lutheran Foundation Canada ( is an agency which helps God’s people in shaping wills and legacies, and also informs on how you can use the resources the Lord gave you to support the mission of His Church.  The LFC regional representative for eastern Canada is a member of our congregation, Mr. James Krestick, who is also happy to have you contact him directly:

International Lutheran Council ( is the global association of biblically faithful Lutheran church bodies of which our Lutheran Church-Canada is an active member.  This website provides basic descriptions and contact information for these church bodies throughout the world, as well as the seminaries which train their pastors.  The ILC website also provides news stories and updates on current events in many places.

Canadian Lutheran World Relief ( is the social ministry agency through which the two major Lutheran Church bodies in Canada work to address human need and provide disaster relief in our country and across the world.  CLWR is currently working hard to support the tens of millions of refugees and displaced persons whose numbers have reached a record-high in our time.  Frequently the support which donors offer to CLWR is matched by the government of Canada, adding even more “punch” to their gifts.

Concordia Publishing House ( is the publishing arm of our sister church in the U.S. and provides a vast wealth of printed and electronic resources for Biblical study, church history, practical work in local churches, as well as resources for worship and the Christian family at home.  CPH is located at St. Louis, Missouri.

Issues, Etc. ( is an online radio site literally filled with resources for Christian learning and growth.  You can find a section, “Looking Forward to Sunday Morning,” where gifted pastors provide an overview of the Bible readings appointed for the coming week … so that you as a worshiper don’t hit the service “cold” when you get to church!  Spend some time browsing on this website … there’s too much available for us to describe it in just a few words!

Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche ( is the website of our partner church in Germany.  We include it here because our congregation offers Sunday services in German as well as English, and our German-speaking members may find this informative and helpful.


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